Firstime is a venture capital fund investing in world-changing entrepreneurs

We are a Pre A & A round investor, investing in cutting edge, disruptive technologies, based on state of the art ideas and headed by brilliant people.

We invest in 'digital life technologies' companies with a POC and initial customer base, and provide them with the funding they need to peacefully strive for a market validation.

We invest in Digital life technologies

Our Team

Ilan Shiloah

Managing Partner

Ilan Shiloah

Ilan Shiloah is Chairman of McCann Erickson (Israel), the leading advertising company in Israel for the last 12 years, and member of the executive Board of McCann Erickson Europe. Ilan Linkedin Ilan twitter

Nir Tarlovsky

Managing Partner

Nir Tarlovsky

Nir Tarlovsky has been an entrepreneur and angel investor for the last 20 years.
Nir stands behind successful companies like Nielsen buzz Metrics, SurfEU, RSL Communications, PSINet Europe and others. SNir Linkedin Nir twitter

Jonathan Benartzi

Managing Partner

Jonathan Benartzi

Jonathan has been a serial entrepreneur and executive in digital companies for the last 20 years.

He is a Co-founder and Chairman at Latto, and a Co-founder of the Itzhak Rabin Center and museum. Jonathan Linkedin Jonathan twitter

Keren Kopilov

Partner & CFO

Keren Kopilov

Former CFO of IPG Reuveni-Pridan brings over 15 years of experience in financial management. Keren is a member of the board of directors of JDRF Israel. Keren Linkedin Keren twitter

Companies Portfolio


Playful content platform

playbuzz website playbuzz facebook page


Sport Broadcast Technology

Pixellot website Pixellot facebook page


Therapy For All

Talkspace website Talkspace facebook page


Bra E-commerce Crowd Platform

Brayola website Brayola facebook page


Adaptive Sound Technology

even website even facebook page


Digital Learning Platform

classoos website classoos facebook page


Push Commerce In Kids Apparel

Kidbox website Kidbox facebook page


Pet wellness advisor

Oggii website Oggii facebook page


Collaboration Cloud For Video Production

Lookat website Lookat facebook page


Real-Time Cloud Connected IoT Security

Securithings website Securithings linkedin

LEO Lane

Commercialized 3D printed designed

LEO Line website LEO Line facebook page


Building VR Browser and Publishing Platform

Byond website Byond facebook page


Digitizing Money Transfer Businesses

VALA website


Plug & Play smart factory platform

LeaderMESwebsite  LeaderMESfacebook page


Data management for monetizing video assets

viisights website viisights facebook page


Client Side Security Platform



Using new technology to bid on trending items

bidderlo website


Making fitness accessible for all

LiveKick website


Virtual event industry.

AppMyDay website AppMyDay facebook page